FAQs › What is an assignment?

An Assignment is an activity your instructor has assigned to you to complete.
Your assignments display in the My Assignments panel on the left-hand side of the Home page. By default, My Assignments will display your To Do list, which includes all of the assignments you have not submitted.
For each assignment, you will see the following information:
  1. Title of the assignment.
  2. The class you belong to that was assigned this activity.
  3. The date the assignment becomes unavailable. Note: Your instructor may not set a date for assignments to become unavailable.
  4. Additional information provided by the instructor when they created the assignment. Note: Your instructor may choose not to provide any notes.
Select In Progress to view the all assignments that you have started but not submitted.
Assignments in progress are indicated by the box with the pencil and the text In Progress.
Select Completed to view a list of all the assignments you have already submitted.
Assignments you have already submitted display with a checkmark in the box.

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