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The Question Report displays a break-down of how the entire class performed on each question of a specific assignment. Note: This particular report is most useful for assignments that are automatically graded by EduHub.
From the top of the Home page, select Reports.
Select Class Report.
Use the drop-downs at the top of the page to select your School, Class, and Assessment.
The Class Report page will display for all students in the class.
Select Question towards the upper-left corner to view the Question Report.
For each question in the activity, the table will display a colored dot indicating how the student performed.
  • Green dot = student got the question correct
  • Orange dot = student got partial credit for their answer(s)
  • Red dot = student got the question incorrect
  • Grey dot = student skipped that question
Select Print to print the Question Report.
Select Export to export a CSV file of the Question Report.

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