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Can I assign the same content multiple times?

Keywords: Assignment, Contents, Instructor, Multiple

How do I change assignment settings?

Keywords: Assignment, Edit, Instructor, Settings

How do I create an assignment from the Table of Contents?

Keywords: Assignment, Instructor, Table of Contents

How do I create an assignment while previewing content?

Keywords: Assignment, Contents, Instructor, Preview, Table of Contents

How do I grade assignments/assessments?

Keywords: Assessment, Assignment, Class report, Grade, Instructor, Reports

How do I know when an assignment is due?

Keywords: Assignment, Due date, Student

How do I navigate my assignment?

Keywords: Assignment, Navigation, Student

How do I open an assignment?

Keywords: Assignment, Open, Student

How do I submit an assignment?

Keywords: Assignment, Student, Submit

How do I view my assignment/assessment results?

Keywords: Assessment, Assignment, Results, Student, View

In what order do assignments display for my students?

Keywords: Assignment, Instructor, Student

What assignments/assessments will be automatically graded by EduHub?

Keywords: Assessment, Assignment, Autograde, Instructor

What does the asterisk (*) next to an assignment title mean?

Keywords: Assignment, Asterisk, Grade, Student

What is an assignment?

Keywords: Assignment, Student
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