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The Culinary Professional, 3rd Edition

The Culinary Professional, 3rd Edition
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By: John Draz and Christopher Koetke

ISBN: 978-1-63126-437-5
Format: Hardcover
Copyright: ©2017
Subject: Culinary Arts
Grade Level: 9-14
Retail Price: $112.00
School Price: $84.00


The Culinary Professional rates high in user satisfaction for its approachable writing and design. Instructors appreciate its visual appeal, citing images that are "up-to-date and meaningful." Expanding further on the visual elements, this edition incorporates animations that reinforce key concepts and techniques. With this new, updated edition, authors and chefs John Draz and Christopher Koetke have continued to focus on the core content that provides students with the knowledge they need for a career in the culinary arts.
  • Correlates to Precision Exams standards preparing students to earn a certificate in Food Service/Culinary Arts
  • Includes animations, interactive activities, and video clips to enhance experience for visual learners
  • Addresses the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation standards for Secondary Certified Programs (Certified Junior Culinarian certification)

Previous Edition
The Culinary Professional, 2nd Edition

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Table of Contents

Introducing the Foodservice Industry
  1. Welcome to the Foodservice Industry
  2. Understanding Foodservice Operations
  3. Culinary History
  4. Workstations in the Professional Kitchen
  5. The Professional Chef
  6. Entering the Workforce

Culinary Fundamentals
  7. Sanitation Hazards
  8. Sanitation Procedures
  9. Safety in the Kitchen
10. Sustainability in the Kitchen
11. Knives and Hand Tools in the Professional Kitchen
12. Knife Skills
13. Smallwares
14. Large Equipment
15. Using Recipes
16. Basic Preparations—Mise en Place
17. Kitchen Staples
18. Cooking Principles

Ingredients, Preparation, and Presentation
19. Salads and Dressings
20. Fruit Identification
21. Fruit Preparation
22. Cold Sandwiches
23. Stocks
24. Sauces
25. Soups
26. Vegetable Identification
27. Vegetable Cookery
28. Starch Identification
29. Starch Cookery
30. Meat and Poultry Identification
31. Basic Meat and Poultry Preparation
32. Dry-Heat Cooking Methods for Meat and Poultry
33. Moist-Heat and Combination Cooking Methods for Meat and Poultry
34. Fish and Shellfish Identification
35. Fish and Shellfish Preparation and Cookery
36. Hot Sandwiches and Pizza
37. Dairy and Egg Identification
38. Breakfast Cookery
39. Food Presentation
In the Bakeshop
40. Introduction to the Bakeshop
41. Quick Breads and Batters
42. Cookies
43. Yeast-Raised Products
44. Pies and Tarts
45. Cakes
46. Custards, Foams, and Buttercreams
47. Dessert Sauces and Frozen Desserts

Beyond Cooking
48. Table Service
49. Managing Resources
50. Nutrition
51. Menus
52. Analyzing Cuisines
53. Developing Taste

Look Inside

Online Text, 6yr. Classroom Subscription (min. 15)
   sample Front Matter (g-wonlinetextbooks.com, Culinary Arts)
   sample Chapter 9 (g-wonlinetextbooks.com, Culinary Arts)
   sample Chapter 13 (g-wonlinetextbooks.com, Culinary Arts)
   sample About the Authors (Sample Video Clip, 16.5 MB)
   sample Mise en Place | Knife Skills (Sample Video Clip, 7.75 MB)
   sample Garde Manger (Sample Video Clip, 8.89 MB)
   sample Stocks and Sauces - Brown Stock (Sample Video Clip, 15.1 MB)
   sample Stocks and Sauces - Tomato Sauce (Sample Video Clip, 13.7 MB)
Instructor's Presentations for PowerPoint® CD, Individual License
   sample Chapter 9 (PPS, 986 KB)
Companion Website
   sample View Site (www.g-wlearning.com, Culinary Arts)
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American Culinary Foundation
   PDF Programmatic Certification for Secondary/Vocational Culinary Arts Programs (PDF, 302 KB)
   PDF Culinary Arts (PDF, 395 KB)
   PDF Vocational Tech Framework (PDF, 808 KB)
Precision Exams
   PDF Food Service/Culinary Arts (PDF, 162 KB)
Pre-PAC Correlations
   PDF Pre-PAC Domains and Competencies Culinary Arts (PDF, 33 KB)
   PDF Culinary Arts (PDF, 187 KB)
  Note: Correlation files may not be available for all listed courses.

About Author(s)

John Draz - received his associate's degree from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York in 1981 and was the recipient of the Edward T. Hanley Scholarship. During his nearly 30 years in the field, Chef Draz has worked at numerous restaurants including The Ritz-Carlton Chicago, The Winnetka Grill, The Ninety-Fifth, and Café Provencale. In 1983, Chef Draz was featured in the PBS television series Great Chefs of Chicago.

Chef Draz was a founding faculty member of the Kendall College School of Culinary Arts in Evanston, Illinois. While serving on the faculty, he taught a wide variety of subjects related to professional cookery. Chef Draz served as chair of the culinary department from 1988 to 1991, supervising all aspects of instruction and college foodservice. He has earned certifications from the American Culinary Federation including Certified Executive Chef and Certified Culinary Educator.

In addition, Chef Draz has experienced entrepreneurship as chef/owner of a 300-seat fine-dining restaurant. He has extensive consulting experience lending his talents to numerous independent restaurants, as well as organizations such as McDonald's Corporation, Groen Corporation, Quaker Oats, and the National Dairy Board. Chef Draz currently serves as Executive Research Chef for Ed Miniat, Inc., a manufacturer of cooked meat products. In this position, he develops products and menu items for the frozen food industry and national restaurant chains.

Christopher Koetke - is currently Vice President School of Culinary Arts Kendall College. Prior to this, he served as dean of the School of Culinary Arts of Kendall College. Before being named dean, he was a chef instructor for six years, specializing in sauce making, charcuterie, and ice carving. Chef Koetke has been cooking professionally since 1982 in some of the best restaurants and pastry shops in France, Switzerland, and the United States. Before coming to Kendall College in 1998, he was the executive chef of Chicago's critically acclaimed Les Nomades restaurant.

Chef Koetke has received numerous industry awards including Chef of the Year by the Chicago chapter of the International Food and Wine Society, ACF culinary competition medals, and third place in the US finals of the Bocuse d'Or. For several years, Christopher was a contributing editor to Chef, Chef Educator Today, and Fancy Food magazines. He currently sits on numerous boards nationally, is an elected commissioner of the American Culinary Federation Foundation Accrediting Committee, serves as a consultant to numerous foodservice enterprises, judges national culinary competitions, and frequently presents at professional conferences and various international culinary forums. Chef Koetke is often a guest on TV and radio broadcasts in Chicago and has produced numerous educational DVDs. He is also host of his own TV show called "Let’s Dish!" on the Live Well Network.

Chef Koetke has an MBA from Dominican University, BA in French Literature from Valparaiso University, and a Certificat de la Langue Française from the Sorbonne in Paris.


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Text 912 978-1-63126-437-5 $112.00$84.00
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Online Learning Suite, 6yr. Classroom Subscription (min. 15) 978-1-63126-440-5 $148.64$111.48
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* Common Cartridge, 1yr. Individual Access Key Code 978-1-63563-011-4 $78.00$58.50*
Laboratory Manual 376 978-1-63126-438-2 $28.00$21.00
Study Guide 318 978-1-63126-439-9 $26.00$19.50
* Instructor's Resource CD 978-1-63126-443-6 $266.64$199.98*
* ExamView® Assessment Suite CD 978-1-63126-445-0 $252.00$189.00*
* Instructor's Presentations for PowerPoint® CD, Individual License 978-1-63126-446-7 $260.00$195.00*
* Online Instructor Resources, 1yr. Individual Access Key Code 978-1-63126-713-0 $128.00$96.00In Work
* Online Instructor Resources, 6yr. Individual Subscription 978-1-63126-444-3 $528.00$396.00*
Companion Website View Site
Supplemental Materials 
G-W Culinary Video Series
Set of 7 978-1-61960-081-2 $396.48$297.36
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