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CNC Machining

By: Richard A. Gizelbach
ISBN: 978-1-59070-790-6
Format: Hardcover
Copyright: 2009
Subject: Manufacturing / Metals
Grade Level: 11-14
CNC Machining is designed to teach students how to efficiently use CNC milling machines, lathes, and electrical discharge machines by introducing them to the processes, tools, programs, and machines found in industry. A learning-friendly presentation consists of clear text and math content along with easy-to-follow drawings and photos. Examples of programming for 3-axis machining centers and 2-axis turning centers create a baseline knowledge that can be applied to other setups.
  • By focusing on the commonly used G- and M- codes, students develop the skills needed to use all CNC machines, not just those from a specific manufacturer.
  • Students can gain hands-on experience by editing and running the included programs.
  • Programs are written in long form to ensure that beginning students learn the proper language before they encounter shortened versions on the job or elsewhere.
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Text 332 978-1-59070-790-6 $99.96
CNC Machining contains the information and concepts to help the student progress from simple manual machining to an efficient use of computer numerical milling machines, lathes, and electrical discharge machines. The content is presented with clear text and easy to-follow drawings and photos.
Instructor's CD 978-1-59070-792-0 $200.00 *
This Instructor's CD contains the following items:
  • Chapter Resources. Additional material related to the chapter as well as answer keys provided in PDF format.
  • Reference Material. Various reference pages provided in PDF format.
  • Handout Masters. Handouts for each chapter provided in PDF format.
  • Lesson Slides. Teaching visuals in PowerPoint (PPSX) format.
  • Chapter Quizzes. Quizzes for each chapter provided in PDF format.

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Table of Contents
1. Numerical Control and CNC
2. Axis and Coordinate System
3. CNC Math
4. Machining Centers
5. Machining Center Tools, Inserts, Speeds, and Feeds
6. Machining Center Carbide Insert Fundamentals
7. Programming Process for Machining Centers
8. Programming Codes for Machining Centers
9. Program Format for Vertical Machining Centers
10. Canned Cycles for Machining Centers
11. Turning Centers
12. Turning Center Tools, Inserts, Speeds, and Feeds
13. Programming Process for Turning Centers
14. Programming Codes for Turning Centers
15. Canned Cycles for Turning Centers
16. Subprograms
17. Electrical Discharge Machining
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Front Matter (, Manufacturing / Metals)
Chapter 3 (, Manufacturing / Metals)
Chapter 6 (, Manufacturing / Metals)
About the Author(s)

Richard A. Gizelbach - started his career as a machinist using standard milling machines and lathes. Richard obtained a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in vocational education from Stout University. He followed this achievement with an EdS degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Richard's teaching career started with machine shop, CNC, and related courses at Gateway College in Kenosha and Racine counties in Wisconsin. During these teaching years, he conducted customized in-plant training courses in various technical courses for more than 25 firms in the surrounding area, including developing several courses and curriculum for Gateway College and Milwaukee Area Technical College.

After 33 years of teaching, Richard continues to maintain an active schedule by conducting seminars in crane operation and safety, crane inspection, train-the-trainer, and rigging classes for Morris Material Handling.