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Comparing Middle School Health Titles

Written just for middle school students, both titles use an activity-based approach to emphasize the importance of making healthy decisions and practicing healthy behaviors.

  Essential Health Skills for Middle School Comprehensive Health Skills for Middle School
Relevant Topics X X
Classroom-Tested Activities X X
Extensive Teacher Support Materials X X
Student Workbook X X
Aligned to National Health Education Standards X X
Aligned to National Sexuality Education Standards   X

What's Inside

Unit 1 - Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellness
1. Understanding Your Health and Wellness
2. Developing Good Personal Hygiene
3. Getting the Sleep You Need

Unit 2 - Promoting Mental and Emotional Well-Being
4. Being Mentally and Emotionally Healthy
5. Getting Help for Mental Health Conditions

Unit 3 - Nutrition and Physical Fitness
6. Nutrition
7. Physical Fitness

Unit 4 - Understanding and Avoiding Hazardous Substances
8. Tobacco
9. Alcohol
10. Medications and Drugs

Unit 5 - Protecting Your Physical Health and Safety
11. Understanding and Preventing Diseases
12. Preventing and Responding to Accidents and Injuries
13. Protecting Environmental Health

Unit 6 - Social Health and Wellness
14. Promoting Healthy Relationships
15. Understanding Violent Behavior

Unit 7 - The Body and How It Develops
16. Human Development
17. The Body Systems

Unit 8 - Human Sexuality*
18. Understanding Sexuality
19. Making Responsible Sexual Decisions

* Unit 8 is not included in Essential Health Skills for Middle School but is available as a separate softcover supplement.
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