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Comparing Essential Health and Comprehensive Health

Essential Health and Comprehensive Health inform students about the benefits of healthy living and its impact on their path to college and career success.

  Essential Health Comprehensive Health
Contemporary Topics X X
Classroom-Tested Activities X X
Extensive Instructor Resources X X
Companion Website X X
Aligned to National Health Education Standards X X
Aligned to National Sexuality Education Standards   X

What's Inside Essential Health and Comprehensive Health

Unit I - Introduction to Health and Wellness
1. Understanding Your Health and Wellness
2. Risk Factors: Behavior, Genes, Environment

Unit II - Nutrition and Food Choices
3. Nutrition
4. Body Weight and Composition
5. Body Image

Unit III - Fitness and Personal Health
6. Physical Fitness
7. Sleep
8. Personal Hygiene and Basic Healthcare

Unit IV - Understanding and Avoiding Hazardous Substances
9. Tobacco
10. Alcohol
11. Medications and Drugs

Unit V - Diseases and Disorders
12. Infectious Diseases
13. Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS
14. Noncommunicable Diseases

Unit VI - Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness
15. Achieving Mental and Emotional Health
16. Managing the Stress in Your Life
17. Mental Illnesses and Disorders

Unit VII - Social Health and Wellness
18. Healthy Family and Peer Relationships
19. Dealing with Conflict, Violence, and Abuse

Unit VIII - The Human Life Cycle
20. Reproduction and Pregnancy
21. Childbirth and Parenting Newborns
22. Human Development across the Life Span
23. Pregnancy Prevention

Comprehensive Health contains:
24. Understanding Sexuality
Background Lessons
Body Systems
Safety and First Aid

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