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6-12 Education College & Career

Basic Mathematics, 8th Edition

By: Walter C. Brown
Copyright: 2009
Subject: Applied Mathematics
Basic Mathematics is a write-in text full of practical problems that assist in reviewing or improving skills in this area. The foundation-level math skills included are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and mixed numbers. Information on the metric system, percentages, and precision measuring is also included.
  • For each skill, a thorough explanation of how to perform the calculation is made before students attempt to work on practice problems.
  • Answers to exercises are included in the text so that students can self-assess their understanding and progress.
  • The text is adaptable to in-class situations or self-study.
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Text 133 978-1-60525-086-1
Basic Mathematics concentrates on teaching students foundation-level math skills. The combination textbook and workbook provides many practice problems to help students apply newly learned skills.
Instructor's Manual 96 978-1-60525-087-8
Provides suggested teaching strategies, answer keys, objectives, and introductory activities.
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Table of Contents
1. Writing and Reading Numbers
2. The Metric System
3. Addition
4. Subtraction
5. Multiplication
6. Division
7. Reading and Writing Fractions
8. Addition of Fractions, Mixed, Whole Numbers
9. Subtraction of Fractions, Mixed, Whole Numbers
10. Multiplication of Fractions, Mixed, Whole Numbers
11. Division of Fractions, Mixed, Whole Numbers
12. Writing and Reading Decimal Fractions
13. Addition of Decimals
14. Subtraction of Decimals
15. Multiplication of Decimals
16. Division of Decimals
17. Changing Common Fractions to Decimals
18. Changing Decimals to Common Fractions
19. Conversions in Metric
20. Percentage
21. Interest
22. The Pocket Calculator in Basic Math
23. Measurement, Reading a Rule
24. Precision Measurement with Micrometer
About the Author(s)

Walter C. Brown - During his career, Dr. Walter C. Brown was a leading authority in the fields of drafting and print reading. He served as a consultant to industry on design and drafting standards and procedures and held a variety of professional offices of state and national associations.