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Auto Maintenance and Light Repair Video Clip Library

Auto Maintenance and Light Repair Video Clip Library

By: Goodheart-Willcox Publisher

ISBN: 978-1-61960-912-9
Format: Video
Copyright: ©2015
Subject: Automotive
Grade Level: 9-12
Retail Price: $264.00
School Price: $198.00


The Auto Maintenance and Light Repair Video Clip Library contains 72 video clips (QuickTime files) that provide dynamic visual instruction of the 2013 NATEF Maintenance and Light Repair Tasks. Loaded with solid information and practical hands-on demonstrations, these live-action videos help provide students with the essential skills required for entry-level employment in today's automotive shop. High-quality video footage and crisp narrations enable visual learners and struggling readers to clearly understand the content. Although these videos are directly correlated to the maintenance and light repair material in the Modern Automotive Technology textbook, their single-concept, concise format makes them an ideal complement to the instruction in any automotive technology program.

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Modern Automotive Technology, 8th Edition

Table of Contents

Auto Engine Repair
  1. Adjusting Valves 0:03:11
  2. Instrument Panel Warning Indicators 0:01:58
  3. Timing Belt Service 0:02:56
  4. Fastener and Thread Repair 0:02:54
  5. Cooling System Service 0:03:13
  6. Performing an Oil and Filter Change 0:02:59
  7. Hybrid Vehicle Service Precautions 0:02:11

Automatic Transmissions
  8. Checking Automatic Transmission Fluid 0:02:19
  9. Automatic Transmission External Inspection 0:02:34
10. Automatic Transmission Fluid Service 0:03:05
11. CVT and Hybrid Transmissions 0:02:09

Manual Drive Trains & Axles
12. Manual Transmission Fluid Service 0:01:51
13. Clutch Diagnosis and Service 0:01:55
14. Dual-Clutch Transmission Operation 0:02:48
15. Diagnosing and Replacing a FWD Drive Axle Shaft 0:03:03
16. Differential Fluid Service 0:02:39
17. Replacing a Wheel Stud 0:01:37
18. Four-Wheel Drive System Diagnosis 0:02:13

Suspension & Steering Systems
19. Disabling Air Bag Systems 0:01:51
20. Power Steering System Inspection and Service 0:03:08
21. Front-Wheel Drive Steering and Suspension Component Inspection 0:01:40
22. Rear-Wheel Drive Steering and Suspension Component Inspection 0:02:01
23. Shock Absorber Service 0:01:29
24. Electric Power Steering Systems 0:01:58
25. Pre-Alignment Inspection 0:01:58
26. Tire Identification and Inspection 0:02:31
27. Tire Service and Balancing 0:02:52
28. Tire Repair 0:02:16
29. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems 0:02:14

Auto Brakes
30. Brake System Inspection 0:02:39
31. Brake Fluid Service 0:02:45
32. Drum Brake Service 0:02:40
33. Disc Brake Service 0:02:30
34. Refinishing Drums and Rotors 0:03:12
35. Wheel Bearing Service 0:02:12
36. Parking Brake Service 0:01:25
37. Regenerative Braking Systems 0:02:04
Electrical/Electronic Systems
38. Ohm's Law 0:02:45
39. Using Wiring Schematics 0:02:36
40. Using Electrical Test Equipment 0:02:37
41. Common Electrical Problems 0:04:03
42. Diagnosing Parasitic Draw 0:02:15
43. Wire and Terminal Repair 0:02:29
44. Battery Testing and Inspection 0:02:26
45. Charging and Jump Starting 0:01:48
46. Hybrid High Voltage Battery Safety and Service 0:02:19
47. Starting System Testing 0:02:19
48. Charging System Testing 0:02:21
49. Lighting System Inspection and Service 0:01:19
50. Removing and Installing a Door Panel 0:01:31
51. Warning Lights and Maintenance Indicators 0:01:54
52. Windshield Wiper Service 0:01:49

Heating and Air Conditioning
53. A/C System Inspection and Service 0:01:21
54. Heating System Inspection and Service 0:01:24
55. A/C and Heater Duct Service 0:01:36

Engine Performance
56. Vacuum Testing 0:01:49
57. Cylinder Compression and Leakage Tests 0:02:00
58. Cylinder Power Balance Testing 0:01:18
59. Replacing Spark Plugs 0:01:46
60. Scan Tool Basics 0:01:47
61. Filter Service 0:01:29
62. Exhaust System Inspection 0:01:52
63. PCV System Inspection 0:01:22

Required Supplemental Tasks
64. Using a Floor Jack 0:01:16
65. Using a Fire Extinguisher 0:01:33
66. Personal Safety 0:01:38
67. Material Safety Data Sheets 0:01:14
68. Measurements 0:02:03
69. Using a Micrometer 0:01:54
70. Vehicle Identification 0:01:27
71. The Repair Order and the Three Cs 0:01:18
72. Preparing a Vehicle for Delivery 0:00:52

Look Inside

Video Clip Library CD, Individual License
   sample Performing an Oil and Filter Change (Sample Video Clip, 0:02:59)
   sample Preparing a Vehicle for Delivery (Sample Video Clip, 0:00:52)
   sample Hybrid Vehicle Service Precautions (Sample Video Clip, 0:02:12)
   sample Cylinder Compression and Leakage Tests (Sample Video Clip, 0:02:01)
   sample Using a Floor Jack (Sample Video Clip, 0:01:17)
  Note: Sample file quality has been reduced to allow for Internet streaming and viewing.

About Author(s)

Goodheart-Willcox Publisher - For nearly 100 years, Goodheart-Willcox has focused exclusively on providing quality instructional resources for Career and Technical Education. G-W textbooks, available in print and digital formats, provide the most relevant content at an exceptional value to prepare students for successful careers. As always, our products are backed by personal service and time-saving Instructor Resources to meet your needs. G-W is the premier textbook publisher for Technical, Trades, and Technology; Family & Consumer Sciences; Business, Marketing & Career Education; Health Sciences; Agricultural Education; and Health Education.


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