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6-12 Education College & Career

Applied Electricity and Electronics

By: Clair A. Bayne
Copyright: 2000
Subject: Electricity / Electronics
Applied Electricity and Electronics balances theory and application in this practical, easy-to-follow text. It provides an understanding of electrical principles, multimeter and oscilloscope use, and soldering techniques for assembly and repair. Chapters focused on math and graph skills reinforce the knowledge students need in order to be successful in electricity and electronics professions.
  • Electrical topics build from the simple to the complex.
  • Each of the six sections contains a classroom or lab activity.
  • Several hands-on chapters teach students how to use different instruments.
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Text 688 978-1-56637-707-2
Today's electrical/electronic technician or engineer must have a thorough understanding of electrical principles, multimeter and oscilloscope use, soldering techniques, assembly, and repair. Applied Electricity and Electronics provides the necessary academic and skills preparation in an easy-to-follow format. Unique features include a Math for Electricity chapter that lays the groundwork for studying electricity and electronics. The Graphs chapter teaches students to interpret graphs specifically for electrical and electronic purposes. “How-to” chapters on electrical meters and the oscilloscope provide a unique blend of theory and application.
Instructor's Manual 373 978-1-56637-709-6
Provides numerous instructional resources that support each chapter of the textbook including teaching strategies, test masters, answer keys, introductory activities, reproducible masters, and additional resources. All of the resources for teaching each chapter are conveniently grouped together.
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Table of Contents
1. Fundamentals of Electricity
2. Math for Electricity
3. Conductors, Insulators, and Resistors
4. Electrical Circuits
5. Using Electrical Meters
6. Electrical Quantities
7. Electrical Power
8. Dc Circuit Analysis
9. Circuit Components
10. Network Theorems
11. Electrical Soldering
12. Assembly and Repair Techniques
13. Graphs
14. Trigonometry for Electricity
15. Magnetism
16. Alternating Current
17. The Oscilloscope
18. Waveforms and Measurements
19. Resistive Ac Circuits
20. Inductance
21. RL Circuits
22. Transformers
23. Capacitance
24. RC Circuits
25. RCL Circuits
26. Filter Circuits
27. Complex Circuit Analysis
28. 60 Hertz and Three-phase Ac Power
29. Electric Motors
30. Motor Controls
31. Semiconductor Fundamentals
32. Dc Power Supplies
33. Transistor Fundamentals
34. Transistor Amplifiers
35. Miscellaneous Devices
36. Linear Integrated Circuits
37. Introduction to Digital Electronics