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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Video Clip Library

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Video Clip Library

By: Goodheart-Willcox Publisher

ISBN: 978-1-63126-472-6
Format: Video
Copyright: ©2017
Subject: Agriculture
Grade Level: 9-12
Retail Price: $200.00
School Price: $150.00


The Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Video Clip Library contains 30 new and original video clips scripted and produced by agriculture experts to enrich the student’s experience with this new text. The fast-paced, focused videos will hold student attention and provide another mode to help students learn. Using the video clip library as part of your classroom instruction will help your students retain more information, generate enthusiasm for agriculture studies, and discover links between their agricultural studies and the world outside the classroom. The videos cover leadership styles, parliamentary procedure, agriscience fair projects and other topics that students will encounter in their studies. Six key videos are linked to the text with quick-response (QR) codes so students can view them with phones, tablets, or computers.

Although each video is keyed to the lessons in the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources textbook, their single-concept format makes them an ideal complement to the instruction in many agricultural education programs.

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Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Table of Contents

  1. Why is Agriculture Important to Me?
  2. Working with a Diverse Team
  3. Leadership Styles
  4. Conflict Resolution
  5. Making, Amending, and Voting on a Motion
  6. Choosing an SAE That's Right for Me
  7. AET for Your SAE
  8. Choosing a Career That's Right for Me
  9. Personal Protective Equipment Where It Counts
10. Watch It! Stay Safe!
11. Designing Your Agriscience Fair Project
12. Biotechnology in Everyday Life
13. Emerging Technologies in Agriculture
14. Sustainable Energies Power Agriculture
15. Niche Marketing in Agriculture
16. Local Food Systems
17. Feeding the World
18. The Beef Industry: Conception to Consumption
19. Owning and Caring for a Horse
20. Choosing and Raising Your SAE Livestock
21. Caring for Your Companion Animal
22. Focus on Non-Traditional Animals
23. Grain Production
24. Fiber Production: From Boll to Blue Jeans
25. Influence of Climate on Agriculture
26. Understanding Food Webs
27. Thirsty Agriculture
28. Conservation in Agriculture
29. Outdoor Recreation: Hunting
30. Sustainable Forestry Practices

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Video Clip Library CD, Individual License
   sample Working with a Diverse Team (Sample Video Clip, Agriculture)
   sample Choosing a Career That's Right for Me (Sample Video Clip, Agriculture)
   sample Watch It! Stay Safe! (Sample Video Clip, Agriculture)
   sample Feeding the World (Sample Video Clip, Agriculture)
   sample Owning and Caring for a Horse Video (Sample Video Clip, Agriculture)
  Note: Sample file quality has been reduced to allow for Internet streaming and viewing.

About Author(s)

Goodheart-Willcox Publisher - Goodheart-Willcox is the premier textbook publisher for Technical, Trades, and Technology; Family & Consumer Sciences; and Business, Marketing & Career Education.


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