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Modern Welding, 11th Edition By: Andrew D. Althouse, Carl H. Turnquist, William A. Bowditch, Kevin E. Bowditch, Mark A. Bowditch
ISBN: 978-1-60525-795-2
Copyright: © 2013
Grade Level: 9-14

Modern Welding is a comprehensive text that has long been the standard for teaching the theory, fundamentals, equipment, and techniques of welding technology. This text provides thorough coverage of common welding and cutting pr... <more>
G-W Online for Modern Welding By: Andrew D. Althouse, Carl H. Turnquist, William A. Bowditch, Kevin E. Bowditch, Mark A. Bowditch
ISBN: 978-1-61960-176-5
Copyright: © 2014
Grade Level: 9-14

Support an Instructor-led Welding Course with G-W Online for Modern Welding!

G-W Online
for Modern Welding covers common processes including shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, ga
... <more>
Welding Technology Fundamentals, 4th Edition By: William A. Bowditch, Kevin E. Bowditch, Mark A. Bowditch
ISBN: 978-1-60525-256-8
Copyright: © 2010
Grade Level: 9-14

Welding Technology Fundamentals covers the equipment and techniques associated with the welding and cutting processes most widely used in industry today. These processes include: oxyfuel gas welding and cutting, shielded metal a... <more>
Arc Welding, 8th Edition By: John R. Walker, W. Richard Polanin
ISBN: 978-1-60525-189-9
Copyright: © 2010
Grade Level: 9-14

Arc Welding presents the fundamentals, skills, and techniques of the shielded metal arc and carbon arc welding processes. Presented in 36 easy-to-understand units with numerous illustrations, the approach of this text assists co... <more>
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Handbook, 6th Edition By: William H. Minnick, Mark A. Prosser
ISBN: 978-1-60525-793-8
Copyright: © 2013
Grade Level: 11-14

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Handbook combines hundreds of full-color illustrations with easy-to-understand instructions. The text explains the features of the gas tungsten arc welding process and teaches the proper procedures for w... <more>
Oxyfuel Gas Welding, 7th Edition By: Kevin E. Bowditch, Mark A. Bowditch
ISBN: 978-1-60525-574-3
Copyright: © 2012
Grade Level: 9-14

Oxyfuel Gas Welding introduces students to the fundamentals of gas welding and cutting processes with simple, easy-to-understand instruction. The combination text and workbook approach allows students to work at their own pace. ... <more>
Gas Metal Arc Welding Handbook, 5th Edition By: William H. Minnick
ISBN: 978-1-59070-866-8
Copyright: © 2008
Grade Level: 11-14

Gas Metal Arc Welding Handbook provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand coverage of the widely used gas metal arc welding process. The book presents thorough coverage of both basic skills and advanced techniques with clearly w... <more>
Flux Cored Arc Welding Handbook, 3rd Edition By: William H. Minnick
ISBN: 978-1-60525-077-9
Copyright: © 2009
Grade Level: 11-14

Flux Cored Arc Welding Handbook provides comprehensive coverage of gas-shielded (FCAW-G) and self-shielded (FCAW-S) flux cored arc welding processes. The text presents fundamental skills and advanced techniques in clearly writte... <more>