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FAQ list > How do I change my preferences for the Grader report view of the Gradebook?

Select the Grades link in the Settings block in the right-hand column.
Select the Setup tab from the menu along the top of the screen.
Select My preferences: Grader report.
The Show/hide toggles options can be used to customize the way items display in your Gradebook.
For more information about each option, select the blue “i” icon to the right of its name.
The Special rows options allow you to customize the way Gradebook data is displayed.
The Grades selected for column averages option determines whether or not empty cells are included when calculating grades.
The Show number of grades in averages option determines whether or not the number of grades used to calculate an average is displayed.
The General options allow you to customize grading, feedback, and student display options.
The Quick Grading option determines whether or not the quick grading fields are displayed. See “How do I override grades within the Gradebook?” for more information on Quick Grading.
The Show Quick Feedback option determines whether or not the quick feedback fields are displayed.
The Students per page option allows you to choose how many students are displayed per page of the Grader Report.
When you have finished editing your preferences, select Save changes.

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