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How can I download the freeware version of Game Maker game engine software for use with Introduction to Video Game Design (ISBN 978-1-60525-468-5)?

Keywords: Download, Freeware, Game Maker, YoYo Games

In the Instructor's Manual (ISBN 978-1-60525-469-2) for Introduction to Video Game Design, the web page listed for downloading the freeware version of Game Maker does not exist. How do I download the freeware version?

Keywords: Download, Freeware, Game Maker, Instructor's Manual, YoYo Games

Where are the sprites located for Game Maker?

Keywords: Download, Game Maker, Sprites, YoYo Games

How can I obtain a demo of video game creation software?

Keywords: Clickteam, Demo, Freeware, Game Maker, Multimedia Fusion 2, Software, The Games Factory 2

I am unable to create a new 001 Game Creator game or folder in Windows 10. Instead, I receive a Folder 46 error. How can I fix this?

Keywords: 001 Game Creator, Download, Error message, Game, Game Maker, Software, Windows 10

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