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Modern Plumbing, 8th Edition By: E. Keith Blankenbaker
ISBN: 978-1-61960-863-4
Copyright: © 2015
Grade Level: 9-14

Modern Plumbing provides information on the design, installation, and service of the different systems found in the field. Basic information regarding safety, tools, materials, and equipment is presented. Detailed chapters discu... <more>
Modern Residential Wiring, 10th Edition By: Harvey N. Holzman
ISBN: 978-1-61960-842-9
Copyright: © 2015
Grade Level: 9-12

Modern Residential Wiring is a comprehensive text that presents the latest installation and repair practices, as well as a brief review of the principles of electricity. Essential information regarding tools, materials, equipmen... <more>
Modern Commercial Wiring, 6th Edition By: Harvey N. Holzman
ISBN: 978-1-61960-854-2
Copyright: © 2015
Grade Level: 9-12

Modern Commercial Wiring covers design, installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. It provides comprehensive instruction regarding the complex wiring requirements associated with commercial installations. Specialized areas,... <more>
House Wiring Simplified, 13th Edition By: Floyd M. Mix
ISBN: 978-1-61960-862-7
Copyright: © 2015
Grade Level: 9-12

House Wiring Simplified presents fundamental installation information and procedures, enhanced by the inclusion of easy-to-understand drawings. Content covers wiring in both older and newer homes. Also included are details on ho... <more>
Exploring Woodworking, 8th Edition By: Fred W. Zimmerman, Larry J. McWard, Don L. Blazek
ISBN: 978-1-61960-502-2
Copyright: © 2014
Grade Level: 6-10

Exploring Woodworking provides the essential knowledge that beginning students require. It introduces different woods and their characteristics in addition to basic techniques using hand and power tools. Information regarding wo... <more>
Modern Carpentry, 12th Edition By: Willis H. Wagner, Howard "Bud" Smith, Mark W. Huth
ISBN: 978-1-63126-083-4
Copyright: © 2016
Grade Level: 9-14

Coming Soon!

Modern Carpentry
provides detailed coverage of all aspects of light construction, including site preparation and layout, foundations, framing and sheathing, roofing, windows and doors, exterior finish, st
... <more>
G-W Online for Modern Carpentry, 12th Edition By: Willis H. Wagner, Howard "Bud" Smith, Mark W. Huth
ISBN: 978-1-63126-089-6
Copyright: © 2016
Grade Level: 9-14

Coming Soon!

Support an Instructor-led Construction Course with G-W Online for Modern Carpentry!

G-W Online
for Modern Carpentry is a dynamic course that delivers a stre... <more>

G-W Building Trades DVD Series By: James E. Duffy
ISBN: 978-1-60525-269-8
Copyright: © 2011
Grade Level: 9-14

The Goodheart-Willcox Building Trades DVD Series provides dynamic visual instruction to improve understanding of important construction, plumbing, wiring, and masonry methods. These concise DVDs are packed with practical examples that ... <more>